Services we provide

  • Requirements / Business Process Flows

    Requirements / Business Process Flows

    Traceability, completeness and quality are the drivers of our requirements and process flow documentation efforts.  We ensure each requirement, process flow, use case, object and logical data model can trace back to the voice of the business user or sponsor.  Our experiences at translating business need into automation business cases  are highly successful.  Just recently, we ran the development of four business cases that resulted in the approval of ten new resources for a government agency (via a business change proposal [BCP]).

  • Program / Project Management

    Program / Project Management

    Our team of project management professionals (PMPs) have a long history of running projects either from cradle to grave, or to provide corrective action.  As program managers, we guide sub-projects through strong “walk-around” communications and inter-project support.  Our attention to detail and strong process and performance management skills start from day one on any of our projects.

  • Project Quality Services

    Project Quality Services

    We have held roles as Quality Assurance consultants (otherwise known as Independent Project Oversight Consultants (IPOCs) in the State of Washington and as Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) consultants for the State of California.  We specialize in deep-dive investigations so as to provide clear and complete facts and risks to the project team and the sponsors.  Based on our experiences with and understanding of the sensitive nature of project cultures, we know how to communicate our findings in strict accordance to agreed-upon protocols.

  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Management

    TrueCourse has managed deliverables-based, work-order based and time and materials-based contracts so that risk is distributed fairly between vendor and client.  Pay points should be tied to acceptance rather than delivery, work orders should be written for success and hours-billed should be mapped to verifiable metrics.  We know how to ensure balanced contract accountabilities with accurate and detailed metric-based data.

  • Organizational Change Management

    Organizational Change Management

    Our approach to organizational change focuses on the hard work of bridging old to new processes with clear training and user embracement of change.  Such acceptance is achieved through user inclusion and accountability in all phases of a project.  Process analysis, stakeholder participation and standards such as ADKAR allow our communications to be credible with the stakeholders throughout the engagement.