Services we provide

  • Strategic Design

    Strategic Design

    Everything IT should be driven by the goals and vision of the business.  IT automation can then be balanced for risk between bold vs safe technologies, between enterprise change vs operational efficiency and between in-house custom vs out-sourced COTS.  Through interviews, facilitated sessions, research and surveys, we know how to gether the necessary information that can tightly link IT architectures and portfolios to balanced risk and business strategy.

  • Governance and Portfolio Management

    Governance and Portfolio Management

    We wrote the book on IT project portfolio management and are experts at governance and operational portfolio management.  Well supported and structured governance will help you allocate capital funds to strategic goals.  But, how do you manage the shadow IT projects that propagate outside of the governance process?  TrueCourse portfolio management can help you leverage limited resources to gain control of and provide support for the unseen innovations before they become out-of-control IT problems.

  • Performance and Risk Management

    Performance and Risk Management

    Performance shows you what occurred in the past while risk shows you what may happen in the future.  How do such views become crystal clear to management so they can make decisions based on clarity rather than in a fog?  TrueCourse has implemented risk and performance management that transformed projects and organizations into highly transparent entities.

  • Business Process Analysis

    Business Process Analysis

    TrueCourse’s approach to business process analysis leverages such standards as the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), but adds a lot of finesse and leadership to the equation.  We work well with stakeholders at all levels of the organization and research all angles of a business problem before recommending well-vetted solutions (automated or not).

  • Grants Management

    Grants Management

    We understand the complexities of aligning grant-based projects to grantor requirements and awardee strategies.  At a large metropolis we automated this process for over 250 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA-based) projects.  At a large California State agency, we developed automation solutions and process recommendations for a $200M+ based grant program.  We’ve also integrated our solutions with third-party applications such as eCivis.  TrueCourse knows how to prevent grant violations and ensure grant project portfolio successes.

  • Procurement Support

    Procurement Support

    TrueCourse is well experienced with procurement methodologies such as California’s STAR Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) process and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).  Besides helping in the development of California’s new IT procurement methodology for the California Technology Agency (CalTech), we’ve also led procurement efforts at two other California departments.  We wrote the Requests for Information, Offer and Proposals (RFIs, RFOs and RFPs); and then managed the process all the way to succesful purchase.