California’s Employment Development Department is responsible for the collection of all payroll taxes and the disbursement of unemployment insurance.  In 2003, the business case to consolidate their 7 Call Centers and 9 adjudication centers into one “virtual call center” in the cloud was approved by the Legislature – referred to as the CCNPAU project.  While under development, the 2008 Great Recession resulted in over 20,000 calls per minute for a legacy environment designed to support about 100 calls per minute.

TrueCourse was hired to hold vendors accountable to schedule and cost (as Integration Planner), staff accountable for supporting the new system (as Organizational Change lead), architects accountable to designing to proper volumes (as the System Engineer) and developers accountable to developing quality software (as Testing Lead).

To address the organizational change challenge, TrueCourse took a three-pronged approach: train new staff, communicate constantly with sponsors, and focus tirelessly on quality. This resulted in a project with respected momentum that proved impossible for naysayers to stop. Our tight adherence to process, schedule, costs and accountability kept all stakeholders on constant track. Our experience in every facet of system and software engineering made sure it all worked beyond expectations.

The CCNPAU project finished on time, on budget, on scope and won the NASCIO award for best solution to improve State operations in the country for 2011. EDD now operates their phone services at a fraction of the cost of the previous legacy system, with greater control over call distribution, with greater security against fraud and with a much more satisfied general public.

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States must be prepared to support the private-sector business cycles that lead to swings in unemployment services.

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Project Leadership

Constant transparency, tight process management, actionable performance metrics and relationship building.

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