What is it?

Large IT organizations have Data Centers, cloud solutions, massive client machine distributions and constantly cycling software maintenance needs.  Not only must they package their offerings to over-deliver on business needs, but they also must maintain an efficient enterprise.  In other words, such organizations require more than just the absolute best in technical specifications, they also need to ensure processes and policies are air-tight.  They employ such Performance Improvement with ITIL, Balanced Scorecard and customer surveys.

What have we done?

For the State of California’s data center, TrueCourse employed ITIL, Balanced Scorecard and field surveys to introduce structured  performance management and process improvement techniques.  We presented a stage-gate technique used by other States and Countries to improve California’s IT project approval process.  TrueCourse also worked with another State agency’s IT organization to identify Shadow IT efforts and help sponsors redirect their efforts to comply with existing policies and procedures.  TrueCourse does more than present business automation options for well-governed initiatives, we also know how to identify, guide and train those who bypass IT governance on the benefits of IT support and standardization.

Clients in this business sector include: