The Port of Long Beach is the second largest port in the US.  Besides providing land spaces to its tenants , the Port has equipped the terminals with technologically advanced facilities for shipping companies to dock, load, unload and store their goods.  To maintain the Port’s operations, their IT division  developed and implemented several transactional systems including billing, time recording, project portfolio, cost management and document management systems.

TrueCourse was hired to manage a specialist vendor and the port staff to bring together the content of these transactional systems, and present the information for consumption by Bureau and Division directors in their day-to-day decision making processes. But, since the directors were each interested in different metrics, system architecture and report design needed to be highly flexible.

TrueCourse quickly learned the needs and dynamics of the different divisions at the port, by interviewing executives and staff. We also confirmed how well the systems were architectued to support the data warehouse needs of this project. With clarity of the landscape, we then applied custom project processes to ensure project objectives were met.

The IT department had for three years been architecting their systems to support a solid business intelligence solution for its executives. Now, with a technical foundation, TrueCourse guided the stakeholders towards being less technology-focused and more business-focused. A constant awareness of which metrics were needed by which directors, when was crucial. The result was finger-tip clarity of operations via tablets in real time from anywhere.

Business Sector:


At a large port, how can an executive get real time associations between container flow volumes, tanker fuel stockpiles and employee satisfaction levels.

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Services implemented to this customer:

Project Leadership

Constant transparency, tight process management, actionable performance metrics and relationship building.

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