In 2005, the State of California started planning for what would become a $1.6 Billion project to replace and consolidate its 135 department’s fiscal, procurement and budgeting systems into a single, centrally run solution called FI$Cal.  TrueCourse Solutions was hired to assess the system integration and data migration needs, and to develop a roadmap to success for this mammoth project.

In 2011, TrueCourse was hired and given six months to analyze and develop an integration and migration plan for over 135 department systems and data sets. This analysis needed to withstand the high scrutiny typical of a new financial system for the worlds's seventh largest economy.

We took a risk-oriented, iterative approach by identifying the high risk and high impact departments first. From these we were able to first assess the integration and migration needs, then to identify and score risks and finally to document a simple process to assess all departmental systems' risks.

Fi$Cal was able to present a detailed plan to the system integrator on what, when and where data integration, analysis, cleansing and migration would occur for the riskiest areas. The road-map and process guide TrueCourse provided allowed FiSCal to move forward and ultimately release their software State-wide in 2015.

Business Sector:

Finance and Administration

TrueCourse understands the challenges unique to modern financial institutions and has the expertise to plan, build, and manage IT environments that provide clients with the highest level of information security and privacy.

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Services implemented to this customer:

IT Management Consulting

Strategic Design, governance, IT portolio management, business analysis, procurement and grants management.

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