The office of Technology Services (Otech), formally known as a branch of the Department of Technology Services (DTS) needed to develop a set of metrics that Executives could use to make strategic decisions.   As OTech wanted to expand their presence in the data center services market for California’s 135 departments, executives needed easy access to data to support Intelligent business decisions.  Unfortunately, all performance metrics, to date, were designed to help fine tune operations to the needs of middle management.

Management metrics were sufficiently complex that only technical staff and management could translate them. Unfortunately, middle managers translated the different metrics differently. In some cases, this created an awareness of faulty metrics that had to be reengineered. In other cases, the opportunity for transparency caused middle managers to hide available metrics. How could we get cooperation and openness so that executives could get what they needed?

TrueCourse partnered with an internationally recognized expert in performance management to provide a world class assessment. We leveraged best practices from Balanced Scorecard, Performance Prism, ITIL and ISACA to zero in on executive-level metrics. We successfully translated operational metrics and SLA results into data that could be used by upper management. Most critically, we helped middle management agree to these translations through facilitated sessions and feedback.

Otech was provided with a set of executive-level performance measures that linked to operational metrics. Middle management became open to the transparency and accepting of how their operational metrics translated. Executives were finally able to move forward with a plan to implement real-time, easy-to-understand business intelligence based on actual, quality data.

Business Sector:

Information Technology

Large IT organizations have Data Centers, cloud solutions, massive client machine distributions and constantly cycling software maintenance needs.

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Services implemented to this customer:

IT Management Consulting

Strategic Design, governance, IT portolio management, business analysis, procurement and grants management.

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