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About Us

We are a California-based IT management consultancy that is relentless in our pursuit of extreme customer satisfaction.

Awards and Publications

Strong experience is the value-add to our clients. Along the way we've also won awards and published some books.

Featured Solutions

Read about the breadth and depth of the business sectors we've served and the services we've provided to our highly successful clients.

Why TrueCourse?

Project Execution

We drive IT projects, programs and portfolios beyond levels ever expected.

Bold Solutions

We pursue best-of-breed, transformative processes and solutions – anchored by proven experiences and risk clarity.

Transparent Partnerships

We communicate well-researched answers and status, frequently, accurately and clearly.

Extreme Efficiency

We accelerate the efficiencies of business – with or without automation.

Actionable Strategies

We transform strategies into controllable, risk managed execution.